God’s call = Us trusting

29 03 2009

As Mike and I spend what seems like endless hours filling out paperwork and getting everything together for the adoption I find myself asking “how” so many times. How are we going to get all of this stuff done, how are we going to afford all the fees that come with adopting, how, how, how! Well as always God puts the right words to my ears every time. It’s not for Mike and I to know all the answers. All He wants us to know right now is that He has called us and we have answered that call. We have to trust that this journey will strength our faith like never before. We HAVE to trust in HIM and lean not on our own understandings! If we try to figure everything out, if we worry about how we are going to have the finances to bring our sweet girl home from Haiti we are going to miss out on the growth of the journey. God has so much for us to experience during this journey and we don’t want to miss out on one single minute of His blessings! God called, we have answered and now we will TRUST in HIM to provide all of our needs! Please join us in praying that we remain attentive to God’s voice each and everyday of this journey.


The Journey Begins

28 03 2009

After several months of prayer our family came together in November of 2008 and all agreed that God was leading us to adopt from Haiti. Some of you may ask “Why Haiti”? Well I am glad you asked.

In 2003 Mike had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Haiti with Brent Gambrell. On his return he kept telling me how much he wanted me to go with him next time he went. I reminded him time and time again that I didn’t feel called to do International Missions and I would be praying for him and the team on every trip. Mike and Brent continued to pursue me and somewhat annoy me about the fact that I should go on a trip with them. Finally in July of 2007 God opened every door for me to go. Through all of my excuses He quickly showed me that He had a plan for me and that it included Haiti.

As I got on the plane and headed toward Haiti that day I was scared to death. I don’t like flying, I don’t like begin out of the country and I don’t like the feeling of not being in control. Once we arrived in Haiti my heart broke. I had never seen anything like this. It was worse than my mind had ever dreamed of…..the poverty, the sadness, the look of hopelessness. I cried on the entire 2 hour bus ride to the mission. Once we arrived at the mission I remember looking at my friends Whitney and Kelly and telling them “if I could leave right now I would”. I cried myself to sleep that night and didn’t know how in the world I would make it for 8 days. Then God showed me exactly why he had me there…..as I came out of the church service we had attended that morning in the village of La Salle I came face to face with one of the most beautiful little girls I had ever seen. Rachelle Paul!

The day I met Rachelle

The day I met Rachelle

Mike and I had sponsored Rachelle back in 2003 and he had been able to meet her a couple of times but this was my first! She smiled, ran to me and said “Mama Blanc”, this is white mom in Creole (the language of Haiti). From that moment on my view and passion of Haiti changed.

With each trip my love for Rachelle, her family and her country grew and grew. I would come home and I would always feel like I left a piece of my heart was left in Haiti! These people were becoming a part of my family. They were a part of me! The more I realized how much we were helping them there the more I realized that the last thing they needed was to become Americanized. They needed us to love them there! They needed us to help them make Haiti a better place. God continued to work in the hearts of Mike and I and that is when we realized that God was calling us to adopt from Haiti. We will not be adopting our sponsor child or anyone that we have grown to love in Haiti. God has someone else planned for our family. God wants us to continue to love and bless those people throughout Leogane, but He has a little girl there in Haiti who doesn’t have a family. A little girl who is living in an orphanage and praying each night that she will one day have a mom and dad who love her. We want to be that mom and dad!

Haiti is a part of who the Wilson family is! Haiti is a passion that we will have for a lifetime. Whether it is going on several trips a year to help out New Missions or whether it is bringing our little girl home and expanded the Wilson household….Haiti is a part of us NOW & FOREVER!