Order Your Shirt today…online

19 06 2009

We have added a page to the blog!  If you are interested in ordering one of the adoption fundraiser T-shirts, you can now do that online!  We have been so blessed that some of our friends have gone out on their own and ordered some shirts for us to sell.  That means every dollar we raise goes toward the adoption!  What a blessing.

As far as ordering your shirt, it’s a 2 step process.  I know it’s a little lengthy, but it’s the only way we can do it at the moment.  Simply click this link and follow the process.  You will need to fill out the contact form and then donate through the Pay Pal Donate Button on the right side of the site or click here.

Thanks so much to those of you who have already ordered and have expressed an interest in ordering.  You guys are amazing.  Please pass the blog on to those you know and those who would like to keep up with our journey.  I know the past few days have seemed to center around fundraising and getting this shirt done,  but God continues to burden us with TIFI.  We know she’s there and we know our paperwork is at the Haitian Consulate today!  We are inch by inch coming “One Step Closer” to knowing who she is.

Help us Bring TIFI Home!

Help us Bring TIFI Home!

If you are curious as to how the boy’s “Lemonade Stand” went the other day, you’ll love this! They were able to raise over $100 for the adoption. It was so awesome to watch them and see their excitement…not about the money they raised…but about them playing an active part in getting their sister home! When she gets here they will be able to say they helped! Way to go D-Money and E-Dub!!


The SHIRT is DESIGNED…order yours today

17 06 2009

THAT’S RIGHT!! Order your “I Helped Bring TIFI Home” T-Shirt today. It’s an American Apparel Track Shirt that fits like the favorite shirt you’ve had forever: soft, comfortable and worn-in.
AND you’ll be able to show your friends your involvement in Helping us Bring TIFI home…

Order Your Shirt Today

Order Your Shirt Today

t-shirt logo

t-shirt logo

working on a fundraiser shirt

16 06 2009
YOU can Help Bring TIFI Home

YOU can Help Bring TIFI Home

Just wanted you to know you can help bring TIFI home by donating or buying one of our new shirts. We have been working on it and it should be ready to sell in the next few days…so if you’re interested in an awesome shirt…get ready!

Why “Tifi” and What’s New Today!

15 06 2009

Several people have asked what is “Tifi”? Is that going to be our little girls name….NO! 🙂
Tifi means LITTLE GIRL in Creole. We as a family decided that we would refer to her by that name until we are able to meet her, see what her name is and decide what her real name will be in our family……That’s why it’s TIFI!

Today we again got some great news!!! We were told that our paper work is completely translated and will go to the Haitian Consulate tomorrow morning. From there it will take about a week and then everything will be in Haiti. We are so excited for this news! God has been so faithful during each step of this journey and we know that HE will continue to do so each step of the way. Please continue to pray for our family as we get yet one step closer to bringing “TIFI” home!

Also today our boys thrilled our hearts……Dyllan (on his own) called the HOA in our neighborhood and got permission to have a Lemonade/Hot Dog stand out in front of our house. The sign reads “Help us bring “TIFI” home! He and Eli made a list of groceries that they would need to have this stand and they plan on having a sale several days this week. Our house is located directly across from the pool so I think they should get pretty good business 🙂 Pray for them because I know God is using this journey to teach them both so much about who HE is! I am so thankful for their hearts and excitement to bring their sister home. SOOOO if you live close to us…..drive by and have some lemonade and a hot dog 🙂


13 06 2009

With all the work we did this week finalizing papers for the adoption my mind as been racing with thoughts. I have dreamed several nights this week of how things will be once she arrives. I have dreamed about what she will look like, what she will be like, what she think of us and so much more!

I have wondered what life is like for her right now and how different it will be for her once she’s a part of the Wilson family. I have wondered how God has already chosen who she is and how is will be the perfect fit for our family. I have wondered how we are going to raise the money we need to bring her home. I have wondered how I am going to react when I get to go visit the orphanage in July. How can my heart love someone so much that I haven’t even met?

I love all the wondering cause I feel like it gives me a chance to come up with all these questions in my mind that only God can answer! 5 years ago I would have NEVER dreamed that we would be where we are today, but God knew then that He was growing and preparing me to be the mom of this precious little girl. I may wonder “How am I going to do her hair, How am I going to know what things to talk to her about, How am I going to be a good mother to this little girl when all I know is being the mom of boys”, but wondering is all I have to do because God knows all those answers. He knows how I will do her hair, He knows the things that I will talk to her about, He knows how I will be her mom because HE IS GIVING HER TO ME!!!!! Thank you God for allowing me to wonder because that allows me to see YOU in the whole process!!!

If you or anyone you know would be willing to help us raise funds to bring “tifi” home please let us know or click on the donate button in the upper right corner……any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!

homestudy is approved!!

11 06 2009

a Haitian girl from the Dominican village of Redemption

a Haitian girl from the Dominican village of Redemption

yesterday, we got our homestudy back! that’s right, it’s back and APPROVED!!

Missy and I are so excited right now. We are going to a late lunch to get our notary to sign it with us and then to get it state certified, country certified, and then mailed off.

Can you believe it? We are one step closer to finding out who “tifi” is! she will be in our home one day and we will look back at all of this and laugh…laugh at the rushing around to get shots for the boys updated, getting our blood work done (which Missy and I both tested negative for HIV, syphilis, and TB…in case you were wondering), getting certified copies of documents and certificates, and more.

We will be able to laugh because somehow we will have raised, begged, or somehow gotten the money for the adoption. We will first hand be able to touch and see God’s provision for us…spooky and exciting all in the same little bundle of joy.

We will laugh because Missy and I will have absolutely NO CLUE about how to fix her hair!

One day when she is sleeping in her bed and I’m standing there like a big baby crying and laughing because she is in our house and we are seeing the very thing we had hoped so long for and the very person we were so sure of, even when we couldn’t see her and didn’t know who she was, we will smile at God’s sense of humor. (Hebrews 11:1 mwv–mike wilson version)

she will be in our house! she will be there for us to love on, laugh with, and learn from. God is going to blow our little white world UP with her. I have to smile…hope you will too.

one step closer!

10 06 2009

We have been working very hard lately on getting all the last minute things taken care of, so we can turn our complete dossier in. Once the dossier is turned in, it is literally out of our hands.

We should be getting our home study back today and then we can get it notarized…then we will only have one more step…getting it state certified.

It’s getting closer and more and more excitement comes with it. Our little “tifi” is out there and God is holding her close… Now to really start working hard on fundraising…