The Wilson Roller Coaster

24 07 2009

If you’re reading this, first, let me say THANKS!  Words can’t describe the emotions in our family right now.  We have been so blessed to be able to meet Tia, to have 3 amazing boys, Katie–our unofficially official daughter, and then to top it off, Missy and I celebrated 15 years of marriage last night with dinner at the Melting Pot in Nashville.  5 years ago we had huge plans for our 15th anniversary.  That was when we were supposed to go to Hawaii or some other exotic location, but dinner at the Melting Pot was our celebration.  Our love for each other continues to grow, but our listening to God has challenged us to do some crazy things…like give up the money put back for the special 15th anniversary and get our daughter home.  I know first hand literally what a parent means when they say they would give up everything to get their kids home safely…

It’s kind of funny.  If you would have asked me 15 years ago (or 15 months for that matter) if I ever thought we would adopt a child, especially a black child from Haiti, I would have quickly responded with a definitive “NO!!”.  Glad I never spoke up on that one.  I didn’t have to eat THOSE words!  I’ve eaten plenty in my days and I actually celebrate knowing these don’t have to be re-ingested.

We would love to ask you to pray for a new friend of ours.  Dr. Bernhard is the director of the orphanage where Tia is.  He is an amazing man with an amazing story.  He and his wife have adopted 10 children themselves–from Haiti.  He’s not only talking the talk, but he’s walking the walk!  He spent a few years in the USA getting quite a few degrees and has a couple of doctorate degrees to his name!  He’s an incredibly smart man with a passion for his country and his people.  When I asked him if he ever thought about going back to America (he is a naturalized US citizen), he answered,

“No, I’ve had my time.  I want my children to have a chance now.  It’s tough knowing they are going to grow up in Haiti without any opportunities to succeed.”

Mike and Missy with Dr. Bernhard at the Orphanage in Port au Prince

Mike and Missy with Dr. Bernhard at the Orphanage in Port au Prince

Can you imagine knowing your kids were growing up in a place where they would never have a chance to truly succeed?  In a country where the unemployment rate is over 75% and where those that DO have a job average less than a $1 a day, the opportunity to help that one special little girl, “Tia,” was just too great.  We had to do it.

If you are still interested in helping us out on this journey, please join us in one of these ways:

  1. Pray for Tia as often as you think of her…by name!
  2. Pray for our family here in the states.  Missy and I, the boys, Katie, and our extended families.  We have seen all kinds of “stuff” happen over the past few months.  Pray we will be faithful and protected.
  3. Pray for our household, for Missy and I to be good parents to this little girl and for us to break the language barrier ASAP.
  4. Pray for Dr. Bernhard, his family, and the Haitian side of our adoption.  We trust God in this, but sometimes the days are still long and more than a little frightening.
  5. Pray for the country of Haiti.  It’s getting close to the “storm” season where hurricanes and tropical storms will come close to the island in the Caribbean.
  6. Pray for the orphanage, the safety of the children, the ladies who “mother” the children, and the building.  They are so blessed to have a great building in a poor country.  Also, they have a boy’s house and a girl’s house in Port au Prince which are both in dire need of repair.
  7. Make a donation to “Help Bring TIFI Home.”  Every dollar you give helps us get one step closer to getting her home.
  8. Buy a T-shirt and proudly wear it.  Get one for your friends, family, and help us spread the word.

Thanks so much!  Blessings…as we continue



17 07 2009

Last week was one of the greatest weeks of our lives.  Missy and I got a chance to go to the creche (Creole word which describes an orphanage for babies through age 6) and meet our daughter.

From the moment we got there, we were a little nervous.  Our biggest fear was that when we went to meet with Dr. Bernard (an UNBELIEVABLE man) he would ask us to choose which child God was leading us towards…and guess what.  Our fear was spot on!  That’s exactly what he did.  He told us he had 7 young girls which were available for adoption, and normally they would never allow parents to be a part of this process…but since we were there…

He told us he refused separate siblings (which we whole-heartedly agree with) and then proceeded to bring all of the girls into the room for us to meet.  We thought it would be difficult, but it wasn’t at all.  This one little girl walked in, quiet, shy, and very relaxed, and proceeded to sit on my lap.  She pointed toward the books on the bookshelves and from that moment on, our love of “Tia” was born.

When this little “TIFI” came in the room, we knew immediately that she was created to be a part of our family.  She had the Wilson look.  Her name is “Sansia” or Cynthia in English…but we like Tia.

We were asked not to put any pictures of her on the website or internet and we are gladly obliging in this.  You can see her eyes in the header above, and once you get the chance, you will see more pictures than you could ever imagine…trust me, I’ve taken over 200 already!

Feel free to pray for her by name now, “Tia” and our family would LOVE to have your prayers.  Thanks so much and God Bless!  Now more than ever, we NEED YOU TO BUY A T-SHIRT! Thanks.

heading out

2 07 2009

In case you didn’t know, or in case you DID know and had forgotten, we are heading out to Haiti Friday. We will be leading a trip for BGM and are so excited to be heading to our second home!

Missy will be meeting up with part of the group in Miami while Mike is heading to NYC to meet the rest of the team. We are also going to be getting in touch with the orphanage we will be adopting from. We will have the chance to meet with the director and very possibly get to see for the first time, our little girl.

We will NOT be bringing her back at this time, in fact, we might not even know who she is when we leave Haiti. We will however know where she is and see how she lives. All of our paperwork is in Haiti now and completely out of our hands. It’s a time for us to get our lives and hearts ready for TIFI to get here. Thanks so so many of you who have helped us on this journey and who are prayerfully supporting us. Thanks!

Don’t forget you can get your “Bring TIFI Home” shirt by clicking the image on the right. For every shirt you buy or for every dollar you donate, you are helping us get TIFI ONE STEP CLOSER to being HOME!!