New update on Tia….please pray!

21 09 2009

Today, like all other days of my life since meeting Tia,  I have thought a lot about her!  I just knew something about having her on my mind today was different and after receiving an email from Dr. Bernard tonight I knew why!  He emailed me to say that Tia had been sick over the weekend with fever and chills.  Sounds like the flu but he didn’t use those words!  He said several people at the orphanage have been sick this week, including his wife.  I would ask you please pray for all of the people there and especially Tia.  He assured us Tia was in good hands and they are taking good care of her.  He told us not to worry and know everyone there was loving on her.  I am so thankful if  Tia can’t be home here with us that God has her in a place where she is loved and looked after.  God knows Tia’s needs and I know she is in the palm of His hand but I think for the first time tonight I realized just how much I already LOVE her.  To not be able to rock her and tell her everything is going to be okay, to not be able to put a cold rag on her head or wrap her up in a warm blanket, to not be able to have her lay beside me for the night to ensure that she is okay, hit me a lot harder than I imagined!  Then God quietly reminded me that HE is all those things to Tia and when it’s time for her to be in our home He will allow me the privilege to take care of her in those ways.  Just like Jesus said to Jairus, “don’t be afraid, JUST BELIEVE….” (Luke 8:50).  I will go to bed tonight with a heavy heart…..praying for my sweet little girl but the whole time knowing that she is in HIS hands!

Thank you for your continually prayers and support…..WE LOVE YOU ALL!!



4 09 2009

Our family would like to take this time to THANK each and everyone of you who gave to the cause and are helping us get Tia home!  God has shown Mike and I through family, friends and even people that we don’t even know that He is providing all of our needs to have Santia (Tia) Elizabeth Simon Wilson come home to our family.  We have been overwhelmed by the number of people that were willing to help us raise the funds for our first BIG down payment.  When we knew that we only had 10 days to raise the money we began praying that God would provide.  We have known all along that He is the head in this AMAZING journey He has us on and that He would provide all of our needs, but to see how quickly things have moved along and how PERFECT His timing has been in the whole process has truly been a HUGE BLESSING!  We want each of you to know that you have played a HUGE part in this adoption process and once Tia arrives home a little part of you will ALWAYS be a part of her!

We have been told this week that our paperwork in Haiti in in IBESR, which is the equivalent of  DHS here in the US.  We don’t know how long this step will take but we know that God has handled EVERYTHING up to this point so He will continue to do so.  I will have the opportunity to go and visit Tia the week before Thanksgiving and Mike will be with Tia the week of Thanksgiving.  What a great way to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with our new daughter 🙂  We look forward to updating as this journey continues.

Please continue to pray for the following:

  • Tia to stay healthy and realize that she will be home very soon
  • Mike, myself and the boys to keep pressing on and know that she will be home soon
  • Dr. Bernard and the creche where Tia lives
  • God’s PERFECT timing

Again THANK YOU all for loving us, praying for us and being willing to support us….YOU ALL ROCK!!!!