11 12 2009

Just got an email from our adoption agency.  It contained the following message…which means it won’t be much longer!!!  Please keep praying and if you haven’t gotten your shirt yet…pick one up today…and one for a friend while you’re at it please!!  Thanks…

that's my GIRL!!!

What could it be???


While we don’t know yet when she’s coming home, we know the bulk of things are over.  IBESR is like the Haitian version of the Department of Human Services here in the US.  She’s out of that now…which means we’re waiting on a Passport, Visa, and some final paperwork and then we’re heading to get her.  It’s going to be sooner than it has been.

PLEASE keep praying for us and for the family…it’s been a great adventure that God is teaching us so much through.





One response

20 12 2009
Sheila Flowers

Wonderful, wonderful news! Our prayer is that she gets home soon! Give her a hug for me, and I’m sending one to YOU, too!

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