GOD IS IN CONTROL: Unexpected trip to Haiti

1 01 2010

This week has been an AMAZING for seeing God’s hand at work in our lives as well as in the lives of others.  Tuesday was the start of the student conference our ministry puts on each New Years…..Terra Nova Student Conference!  We had over 500 people worshiping, praying for others, doing mission work around Nashville, and much more!  It was such a great way to ring in 2010….on our knees and praying for God to go before us in our adventures this year!

But let me back up just a bit…..On Tuesday night Mike and I received an email from our adoption agency stating there was a slight bump in the road of getting Tia home.  The judge in our adoption case in Haiti declared that we would need to show up in Haiti and sign our papers in front of him in order for him to proceed with the process.  So basically Mike and I had two options…..

  1. We could wait until March (which is our next scheduled ministry trip), this would mean the adoption process would be completely put on hold until we went there in March and could see the judge.
  2. We could pray for God to provide us the ability (cost of flights) to go to Haiti next week and take care of all the remaining paper work in front of the judge and believe this will speed up the final process greatly.  Once this part is taken care of we will just have to wait for her passport and visa to be processed and she will be coming HOME!!!!

As the title of this post already gives it away……we will be heading to Haiti Monday to meet with the judge on Tuesday.  While in Haiti we will be taking care of any other paperwork we may need and EXPECTING God has everything else already laid out of us in advance!  We KNOW God has allowed this trip for so many reason but I would like to share with you just a couple of the reason we see God’s hand at work……

  1. Katie (the 21 year old young lady who has lived with us for over 5 years) has had plans for over 5 months to leave Monday, fly out to Haiti and live/work there in the same orphanage Tia lives in for 7 months.  mike and I will be able to fly out with her on Monday now so she will not have to arrive in Haiti alone……GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!
  2. January 5, 2005 my sweet Tia was born…..so Tuesday of next week will be her birthday!  we will get to spend her first birthday as a “Wilson” with her, in her birth country, telling her that she will be coming home very soon!……..GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!
  3. God has placed people in our lives that have rallied around us during this entire process and it’s because of those people our flights for this “UNEXPECTED” trip are being taken care of……GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!

After this AMAZING week of seeing God’s hand at work I wanted you all to know that Mike and I go to Haiti next week with ONE thing and ONE thing only on our minds……..GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!!

If you could please commit to pray for us over the next several days, we would greatly appreciate you lifting our entire family up in prayer!  We will update you as soon as we have any knew information!




5 responses

1 01 2010
Cathy Bell

VERY excited for you about this! I talked with Mike a bit last night while he was looking for flight information and I knew what a concern that was going to be. I am sooo glad that the LORD in HIS perfection has made a way for this to happen this week!!! Love you guys!

1 01 2010
Andy Depuy

Praying for a safe & mighty flight,& everything is going to be a God event,cause God is in control

1 01 2010

My family will be praying for your family!! It is great to see an example of how GOD IS IN CONTROL! Enjoy your time with Tia. Please let Katie know there is a family in Kentucky praying for her journey….God Bless, Sandy

2 01 2010
Sherry Wilson

We will be praying always for you guys but especially this weekend and next week. Tears of joy run from my eyes as I read how God has blessed in so many ways. I am so happy that you and Mike will get to see, love, hold, and show Tia just how happy you are to have her and be with her especially on her special day!!!
Give Tia a big hug and kiss from Nanny and tell her I love her dearly and am so anxious for her to get home so we can go shopping!!!
Buying “girl” things, WOW!!!! What a Treat!!!
Love you and am praying really hard that all goes well!!!

2 01 2010

Wow! how wonderful for you & your little girl! You don’t know me, but I’ve been following your journey & just wanted to add in my prayers & good wishes… Have a great trip – and Happy Birthday, Tia 🙂

Cathy M.

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