We are in Haiti

5 01 2010

Mike and I are in Haiti!  We arrived here yesterday afternoon with Katie.  Many of you know Katie will be living here for the next 6 months and working with the Creche’ (where Tia lives) and also in Dr. Bernard’s office.  We will miss her greatly but it is so exciting to see how God is working in her life and seeing the impact she is already making and she has been here less than 24 hours.  Please pray for her over the next 6 months that God will use her to shine HIS light all over Haiti!

Mike and I went before the judge this morning.  It was an interesting experience to say the least.  We went to this building (which looked like a run down warehouse) where there were thousands of people.  We were escorted through the crowd and made our way to a back room.  There were four desk all sitting in a row with men dressed in shirts and ties sitting behind them.  We were escorted to the second desk and our laywers assistant explained why we were there.  Mike and I didn’t understand much from that point on.  They talked back and forth for a few mintues and then he took our papers, placed them in this book he was holding and asked Mike and I to sign on the back page of the book.  There was no writing on the page, no formal system, just a fancy “notebook” where he filed his papers.  It took less than 10 mintues and we were back to our van.  Once we returned to our laywers office and we able to get more claification on what was next in the process here is what we got……

Tia’s biological dad will come there and sign under our signatures today, then we go to Parquet (this is where is goes across several desks to get a stamp of approval), then we go to MOI and they will issue her passport and visa.  Mike and I both knew we were coming here and would more than likely not get to bring her home, but deep down in our hearts I think we were both holding onto the hope that MAYBE, just MAYBE something would happen and that would change.  As of today Tia will not be coming home with us.  Our process is going much quicker than most so we know God’s plan is moving along!  We will go tomorrow or Thursday to file our I-600 here in Haiti.  This will allow us to have EVERYTHING done we need done and all we will do then is wait for the call to come bring her home!  Here are a few things we would ask for you to pray about:

  1. The paperwork from this point forward would move at an unbelievable rate and by a GOD-size miracle Tia would come home with us on this visit.
  2. If we leave without her on Thursday it will be a SHORT seperation and she will be able to come home VERY VERY SOON!
  3. Dr. Bernard and his family will continue to be blessed and continue to be a shining light here in Haiti
  4. Katie`s safety over the next 6 months and she will allow God to use her in ways she never thougth possible.

Thank each of you for your prayers, support and friendships!  Without you all we would NEVER have been able to make it this far.  Look forward to filling you in on the rest of our trip once we return to the US!




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5 01 2010
Ulmer Studios

Yeah!!! Glad things are going well and even quicker than expected! Just praying that God’s will is done from this point forward as well..and that if Tia is to come home Thursday that she does, if not…then that God will give the 2 of you patience as you & Tia rest in Him till the time is correct in His will!


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