A Haiti report…from the front lines

15 01 2010

I’ve been to Haiti quite a few times.  In fact, it’s begun to get a little routine.  Except for the one time a guy reached in the front window of the bus I was riding in and tried to steal my phone, I haven’t been involved in anything out of the ordinary.

This trip is different.  I have seen things I never planned to see in Haiti.  I knew coming here 36 hours after the earthquake was going to have my in front of things that would push my personal “envelope”, but I wasn’t prepared for a lot of it.  To see one building standing next to a building in rubble is amazing.  To see what used to be a 5-story building turned into a one story building sitting on a pile of rubble is difficult to see.  To see the National Palace–the Haitian symbol of who they are–collapsed on top of itself was mind-boggling, but I have to say today what I saw was something I never even fathomed.

Today as we were getting Katie and Tia out of a vacant lot in Carrefour, we were told to quickly roll up our windows.  As we did, we saw 8 large dump trucks pass by.  We saw people staring, but it was the words, “those are full of dead bodies” I wasn’t ready for.  I know people have died during this tragedy.  I have personally seen the bodies being pulled from the rubble, lying covered on the street in a perfectly straight line, and even seen them piled on top of each other 7 high.  Regardless of what I THOUGHT I was prepared for, today shook me to my core.  Those 8 dump trucks were coming from a collapsed school where over 400 children died.  Those dump trucks were full of bodies–most of them children.

So as I write this to hopefully cleanse my mind, I ask you to pray for us.  Please pray that we would be able to get Tia out of here when we go to the airport.  We have been in contact with American officials who have told us we need to make sure we have certain requirements met, but we know getting Tia out of here now is a priority like never before.  If you’ve been around my family at all, you know how much we have a tendency to overprotect our kids.  (my kids are still required to wear helmets when they ride bicycles)…

Please pray for favor in America with the politicians there as well as praying for favor here in Haiti.  We know it’s time to go “ALL-IN” on this one.  We are going to do everything we can do to get Tia home.  I don’t want to think about the possibility of her having to remain 1ooo miles away if another disaster strikes.  I want her where I can reach down and kiss her on the forehead as she goes to sleep…just like I did tonight!

Sorry for the rambling, but it helps clear the head…pix will come soon. Also, please pray for the After-Shocks to stop. Every time a door slams a Haitian jumps. I can’t imagine what will go through their minds for the rest of their lives. Thank GOD Tia is probably too young to remember. Katie on the other hand, will have a difficult time forgetting.






15 responses

15 01 2010
Cathy Bell

Love you guys… praying for you… can’t wait to hug you all and meet Tia!!!

15 01 2010
Steve Forrest

I have no words that seem adequate, so I’ll ramble. I am so proud of you and Brent, which I know is not what you care about. Right now God looks like Mike and Brent to about 50 kids in Haiti and to many others around the Facebook, ABC and CNN world. What you are doing is what “in His image” means. I’ve cried trying to imagine what you see and feel, I’ve prayed and pleaded for your safety. So many of us have and so many of us are with you right now in spirit. I love you and am so blessed to have you as brother and friend. You know the band will be non-stop praying for and thinking about you guys as we head to ATL tomorrow. You’ll be right there on the road trip with us.
God speed.

15 01 2010
Sheila Flowers

Paul and I love you very much and are SO THANKFUL that Tia and Katie are safe. We are praying for favor and protection and that the peace of God, that passes all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

15 01 2010
Barbara Reed

Mike – praying for all of you. Barbara Reed (Miss Barbara-ClearView Baptist) – Eric and Kirsten’s mom

15 01 2010

Praise the Lord Tia and Katie are OK!! we are praying for yall! looking forward to your next update.

15 01 2010
Erika Kolecki

Praying hard for you and the saftey of those you are with, and for Katie and little Tia. Be safe.

15 01 2010

Praying for a safe return for you and your girls. God bless! And thanks for what you do!

15 01 2010
Vickie Gardner

I am So Thankful that Katie and Tia are safe and that you are there with them. I can’t imagine how terrified they must have been. Sheri Smith, Nancy Parnell and I are all praying for a safe return for you and your daughters. The Lord will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Ps.121 7-8. Be safe and keep us updated.

15 01 2010
Christa Horton

Praying hard. Need the officials to realize it’s best to get those babies to a safe place. Praying for amazing grace and favor.

16 01 2010

I just read your story on CNN and through the wonder of Google found you here. I wanted to tell you that you and your entire family are now in my prayers. Please come home safely and keep us updated when you can.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

16 01 2010
Celia Peace

As a fellow follower of Christ and having been to Haiti recently be assured that what you are attempting to do God is so honored. Your heart is what God is watching~ My husband and I will pray with and for you.

16 01 2010
terry whitley

Love and prayers from Glenwood Arkansas, we believe the Lord will open the gates for you alL to come with Tia home safely. Terry

16 01 2010
Kristin Manuel

This article posted by you brought me to tears. i am praying like never before for you to be able to bring Tia home. She NEEDS to be home and soon. May God make this possible.

16 01 2010
D. Reynolds

Googled you. Saw you on CNN. The Hatian embassador to US was on CNN with Wolf Bliter and another adoptive couple. They were skyping with the orphanage director named Dixie and this other couple’s kids. The embassador said in this emergency they will issue child’s passports in Washington DC rather than in Haiti IF ALL PAPERWORK IS DONE AND JUST WAITING ON HATIAN PASSPORT. The orphange director was pleased with this. Orphanage director asked embassador about all the paperwork awaiting government approval that’s all been destroyed. He said they will accept photocopies of documents. This is really great news for lots of folks. Wanted you to have this information in case it helps. Don’t know where you guys are in the process. I see you and your daughter are at the airport trying to get home. I would have done the same thing…get there somehow, get to my child, see what happens. If you need a passport maybe your senator contacts Hatian embassador?? You’ll know what to do, you’re very resourceful. Hang in there, stay strong. Best.

17 01 2010
Todd and Kristi


This is Todd and Kristi Stewart. We are praying for you guys. We are very excited to see the wonderful ministry you have going on in Haiti. God bless you as you are on the front lines.

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