What about these kids???

16 01 2010

Here in Haiti the orphan crisis is very real. I have been here since Wednesday evening and beginning at dawn on Thursday, the number one priority of my visit was to rescue the orphans we knew were without a building in Carrefour. What began as my simple attempt to rescue my daughters became a realization…Haiti is in dire need of help, and it will not be easy.

Thursday we were fortunate. We were able to locate all of the children from our orphanage, secure transportation for them all, and move them to a safe location outside of Port au Prince. They were all alive, safe, and (with the exception of one of the workers who was at the hospital at the time of the quake and received a broken leg) unharmed

The problems grow quickly. The building where the children once lived is unfit for them to return to. The bottom two floors have compressed to the point where no one even entertains the thought of re-entering the building. When we left the building on Thursday with the children, one of the guards ran back inside ignoring the shouts to stop. When he came back down he was carrying Katie’s clothes that had been hanging in her room. HE RISKED HIS LIFE FOR HER CLOTHES!! The children got out with the basics…clothes for that day, a few mats, and the food and water they bravely went back into the building to get. The children are alive and doing well, but for how long.

Check out the NBC News story on the orphanage as well as our story HERE.

I spoke tonight with the director of the orphanage, and his plea was simple, “Help me get these kids out of here. They will starve here in Haiti in the days to come. The situation is quickly growing more intense.”

What are we to do then? We have given the exact GPS locations of the house where the children are to the Red Cross, US Aid, and Food for the Poor. The only problem–food isn’t here yet. We reached the same answer for every try…they don’t have food yet. The UN is dropping food at certain locations but they are over-run the minute the truck stops. The helicopters you see are getting things to certain areas, but what about the outlying areas away from Port au Prince? What about the kids we moved to “safety” who are now going to have to ration their beans, rice, and water?

We have had people in the US speak up and volunteer to get items into the country, but how will they get here? Even if we had a truck, meeting a helicopter would be a little conspicuous.

It speaks volumes when a man of integrity, who is Haitian and knows the people better than I ever could imagine, is scared to get food to his facilities because of the fear of riots from his own neighbors.

The adults can deal with things. The children are on their own. Most of the violence I have seen first hand comes from those who have lost loved ones, those who have been turned away from getting help for their sick or injured family and friends, criminals, and parents fighting for their children’s lives.

So who fights for those without parents? It’s truly up to us. We MUST take care of these children…because the sad reality is this: over the next few weeks more children will be forced to live in orphanages and creches because they unfortunately are now “orphans.”

Please help. Let’s get them out of here and give them a CHANCE.




4 responses

17 01 2010
Tina Robison

Mike, we are believing God for a miracle! When those children get here I know many families will be willing to care for them. We are certainly ready to help. We are working on trying to get you some more publicity thru Fox News. Praying for safety for all of you.

17 01 2010
Sheila Flowers

Mike, we love you and Tia and we, along with thousands of others, are praying. We are asking God else we can DO and we are willing to do it.

17 01 2010
Denise Thomas

Praying fervently that the Lord will not only let you bring Tia home, but that He will move mountains and allow you to bring as many of the others as you can. There are so many people who would take those children and love them.

You are truly a picture of the Father’s love for us. Tia will never have a problem understanding what Jesus did for us. You rescued her just like He rescues us. I am so honored to be your friend and I love you dearly.

17 01 2010
Amanda Cutter

I would love to help foster a child. Please let me know how I can help and support these sweet babies. What you do is amazing. I will keep your orphanage in my prayers.

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