Tia PIX!!

We have waited so long to be able to post these pictures!  Enjoy:




6 responses

18 10 2009

We love you, Tia Wilson!!!
We cannot wait to meet you, angel girl!
~Paul, Erin, Aubrey, and Brody

18 10 2009
Kelly Mills

well, it is obvious she was born to be a Wilson… she already loves the camera and the camera loves her!!!! can’t wait to kiss her sweet face in November!!!

19 10 2009

So Tia,
My wife and our lil daughter can’t wait to meet you!!! Don’t know if you parents have told you..but we are getting to rock out a photo session of you once you get to your new home here in he U.S.!!!! It’s going to rock!!! We are so excited!!!

By the way I know your parents are pretty humble people but let me tell you…they rock plain & simple…well let me take that back they are not plain and simple…they are people on fire with God & that’s why they rock!!!

So Tia…here’s just a little letter until we get to meet you!!! Can’t wait to photograph you!!!! You are so beautiful!!!!

-Josh, Amber & Josephine Ulmer

19 10 2009
Sherry Wilson

It seems at times that life moves so slow when waiting for someone you desire so much; but I have learned over this past year and a half that God is never early, late, but ALWAYS ON TIME!!!
Just to see your precious smile reminds me so much of our love already for you. I am so thankful for the opportunity of knowing we will have you home soon, will be able to hold, love and cherish many special moments with you.
Until you get home, keep smiling and remember Pop and Nanny think your one of the GREATEST!! (1st Granddaughter)!!…Nanny’s brag time!!
Love you all very much!!

17 01 2010
Patti Miller

Hi you guys! I’ll keep praying. I can’t believe this is happening! The look on Tia’s face the day we dropped her off at the orphanage is forever etched in my mind! It was heart wrenching to watch Mike as he dropped her off and then road away in the bus that day. I can only imagine what you must be going through. I’m am so thankful that Tia was found well and I hope and pray she is home in your arms soon!

God Bless you all,



21 01 2010

What about Nayeena? Saw the story on NBC Nightly News and have been consumed with sadness over Tia’s friend that had to be left behind. Is someone working to adopt her? I bet she is so sad without her friend there anymore.

I’m so glad that Tia is home with her family in the U.S.. I hope for the best for the rest of the children over there!


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