15 10 2009

When Missy and I returned from Charlotte with Dyllan this weekend, we checked the mail and found something OUTSTANDING.  We received a letter from “Show Hope.”  We had applied for a grant for our adoption months ago and quite honestly had forgotten about the application.  We have talked many times over the past few days about the excitement of bringing Tia home and how we needed to make sure we got funding for the last payment of our adoption.  It is more than a little overwhelming thinking of the money we need not only for the adoption payment left ($5500) and plane tickets and other “incidentals” of traveling and staying in Haiti.  At times it seems like an insurmountable amount.  Then, God reminds us to depend on Him…like HE ALWAYS does.

The process with Tia is continuing to progress.  It’s been exciting, fun, and then some…but one thing it has NEVER been is questioned.  Neither Missy nor I have questioned whether we are supposed to adopt or not.  God showing up like He did with this grant was a laughing moment for us.  We laughed and cried knowing God had set everything up long before we knew.  He was helping before we were asking.

One thing is for sure, we know Tia is going to be in the best environment possible.  When it rains, she will be able to sleep inside in a bed without getting wet.  When the sun is scorching, she is going to be able to come inside and play in her room with the Air Conditioning on.  When it gets cold outside, she will have a warm place to stay.  She is going to be in the perfect place…the place God knew long before she was even born.

So, if you think about it, say a prayer for us as we walk the final steps in this financial journey.  If for no other reason, this portion of the journey has kept us from focusing on the time we spend waiting.  It’s been a time for us to spend praying for her and getting the boys ready for their sister to come HOME!!!

Thanks!…and if you don’t have a Bring TIFI Home t-shirt yet…what are you waiting for?? :o)