Help Bring TIFI Home T-Shirt

Want to order an “I Helped Bring TIFI Home” T-shirt?

T-Shirt Design.  Navy ink on a Gray Shirt
T-Shirt Design. Navy ink on a the Gray Shirt
This is the Shirt!!
This is the Shirt!!

Then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE!

Here’s the deal on ordering:

If you’re interested in ordering a shirt, please click the DONATE button on the right to make your donation.  After you complete your donation, you will have to contact us using the CONTACT FORM below. Right now, WordPress doesn’t allow a “buy now” option (but they DO allow a donate button!).

OR you can click HERE and buy one from the my LIFE speaks website…

Sizes (adult only for now):
Shipping & Handling:
We are so fortunate to have such amazing friends! These shirts and the printing on them were donated by a group of people who wanted to help us raise money, so all money we receive on these shirts actually goes toward the adoption.  If you choose to help with shipping you are helping us cover the actual cost to ship the shirt to you!
So if you are interested in ordering a shirt, please use the contact form below and include the following (you can copy and paste this in the comment box:  :o)




When we receive your contact information and your $20 donation (or $23 if you want to help cover the cost of shipping), your shirt will be shipped to you ASAP!  We’re so sorry it has to happen in two separate steps,  but for now, that’s the best way to work it out.


So rest assured, every dime you donate will be used solely to Help “Bring TIFI Home”


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19 06 2009
Order Your Shirt today…online « bring TIFI home

[…] Help Bring TIFI Home T-Shirt […]

31 07 2009
jesse and mandy coddington

Love you guys!

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